Looks like another app has joined the Google TV Market.

TVChat is an application that will allow you to chat on your Google TV using an android device. The first thing you will need to do is install the TVChat-Host onto your Google TV, then you will need to install the TVChat-Remote onto your android phone or tablet.

When you first open the Chat-Host on the TV you will be given an option to start a room or join a room, i am going to start a room.

Once the room is started you will see a Room Code, that will be the code you enter on your mobile device. Now that you have a Room Code, you are going to pick a name that you want displayed on the TV when you send a chat message, i chose GTVFriends. If you don’t have Google TV but one of your buddies does, they can give you the room code and you can chat with them wherever you are. I have been testing this with my wife who is at work, and so far there hasn’t been any problems chatting with her when she is miles away from the house.

Another great feature about this app is no matter what you are doing on the Google TV, the message will appear, whether you are watching TV, playing a game or browsing the web.

I have been playing around with this app all night and it’s alot of fun, this app has great potential, it was created by the same developer that brought us great games like Poker Fun and WeDraw, which are always fun to play on the Google TV.

Here is a quote from the original post by the developer Charlie Collins,

TVChat is a demo app for Google TV that allows you to chat on the TV screen. The chat area overlays whatever else is running, including the live TV stream. You need both the TV app (Host) and the mobile app (Controller) to use it. The idea is that you chat with the TV with your Android mobile device, and you can join multiple TVs and phones to any given chat room (multi-device, multi-player). Of course TVChat uses the awesome sauce of the MOVL Connect Platform to make things happen.

It’s really a simple app, but it’s just a demo to whet the appetite. From here you could see how real chat services could be plugged in, or how you could make an app that lets people tweet during their favorite TV show — and with the capability of GTV to let the app change the channel you could even hand over control to someone else remotely, if you felt like it.

If you download this app please let me know what you think of it.


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Developer: Charlie Collins
Price: Free