Color Shafted is a completely original, real-time 2D interactive video game that combines great graphics, sound, music and interactive gameplay  on the Google TV. The game  was built on a custom Game API (written as a senior project) that has been revised over the course of almost a year in order to provide an arcade-like experience in a mobile app market that seems to be saturated by Angry Birds clones and games that play on physics but skimp on immersive factors of classic games such as fast-paced gameplay and animation.

The premise here is a simple:  “The galactic energy grid has gone off balance! Rotate and slide your control block to match colors as you evade black holes”. You are given a control block with four colors that you must rotate and move within a grid in order to match incoming colors that are falling in from outside of the screen.  Along the way, you also collect items and evade black holes.

The aim of the game is to survive as long as you can while collecting a high score. You are scored based on how many blocks you can hit in a row and on what level of difficulty you can play at(Pro Tip: start at higher difficulties for greater chance at scoring!).


If you start to get the hang of the game, there is a second “Psych-Out” mode to keep you on your toes where incoming colors morph into different colors and turn gray while they come in towards your control block. This will not only test your reflexes but your memory at the same time.

Color Shafted has a great set of features such as intuitive controls when playing on the GoogleTV (best when using the qwerty keypad for input responsiveness), a tutorial mode that actually bothers to takes you step-by-step through how to play, local and online high score boards, a great original soundtrack of 4 electronic songs (along with another for tutorial mode) with immersive sound effects and it is updated on a normal basis. The best feature of all is that right now it’s free!

As a Google TV owner who would like to enjoy a casual and intuitive yet refreshingly original game, you owe it to yourself to check this app out now!

Thanks to Rob and the guys at Whateversoft for putting this together for me.

This game is also available for download on your mobile device.

Google Play link