Everyone knows I really like my Google TV, so i want to know how much you like your Google TV.

Here is your chance to win a Google TV Popcorn bowl, just leave a comment about what you really like doing on your Google TV, it’s that simple. We all know what can be done with the GTV, so please don’t comment about how you enjoy watching TV , i want to hear about what apps you use, whether it’s a game, or watching your playlist on YouTube.

The winner will be announced on 6/29/2012 and i will also announce who the winner is on my Google+ page. I will be giving away Google TV merchandise once a month, so if you already have the Popcorn bowl, be on the lookout for next month’s giveaway.




I am in no way affiliated with Google, i do not represent them, or work for them.

I will purchase all the items i am giving away, and i will cover all shipping costs.