How many of you can remember pumping all the quarters you could get your hands on into your favorite arcade game?

Better yet, how many hours did you spend standing in  front of a 6 foot tall wood box with crappy art and lights that never worked, fingers hurtin, eyes practically bleeding from staring at the screen all day, while the people waiting behind you to play the game were stacking their quarters up so they could play next.

Ok, enough with the reminiscing….

Here’s the challenge i am throwing out there for all developers, if you are up for it.

I am offering a cool $100 dollars to the developer who can optimize Building Atari with CreateJS for the Google TV.

With CreateJS and the Atari Arcade SDK, your fundamental client-side game development bases are covered. If you come from a Flash background, EaselJS and the rest of the CreateJS suite provide a familiar, and approachable way to develop content completely ready for Internet Explorer 10 and other modern browsers.

If you want to build games in HTML5, there really is no better set of tools to get started.

In other words, i want to be able to play great games such as Combat, Lunar Landing, Missile Command and other classics on my Google TV.

If you click on that link it will give you all the info and tools that are needed to port those great classic arcade games over to the Google TV. You have 2 options, you can make it available as a web app or you can create an app that will be available in Google Play.

The choice is yours..

There are however a couple of  conditions:

If you are successful, your app or web app must be compatible with all current versions of Google TV, Logitech, Sony and Vizio.

You won’t be able to collect the $100 until your app/web app has been tested and approved by the Google TV Developers

If you decide to make it an app that is available for download via Google Play for the Google TV you must get atleast 250 ratings that average 4 stars or more in Google Play.

If you decide to optimize this into a web app, then we will have to rely on votes from the social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to donate so i can raise more money for the developer, please feel free to hit the Donate button.

If you have any question you can contact me