I had the great honor of being invited to a Google TV Developer meeting  yesterday in Washington DC.

As i was preparing myself mentally for the 4 1/2 hour drive down to DC i was thinking of what questions i was going to ask Les Vogel & Paul Carff, being the Google TV fan that i am i came up with the top 1 questions i would ask while i was sitting in the lobby at the entrance to Google.

When the doors finally opened i walked in and immediately looked for the darkest corner of the room, i didn’t want the developers thinking i was there just to bombard them with questions. Paul walked in and recognized me right away, we got to talking and all of the questions i had for him were no where to be found.

The room started to fill up and before you knew it all of the seats were occupied, i was impressed.

Why wasn’t i taking pictures?

So there i was sitting in the back corner up against a wall, laptop open, phone charged ready to take pictures all day, and what do you know, it was lunch time already. These guys didn’t stop talking about developing for Google TV for a minute, when one of them was speaking at the podium the other was in the back of the room answering questions from the attendees.

This was the first Google TV Developer meet-up i have attended, and i will be sure to look for more upcoming events on the East Coast. If you have never been to one of these meet-ups you do not know what you’re missing, with all of the questions i had at the beginning of the day for Les & Paul, when everything was over i didn’t have or need to ask one question. You can learn so much from these events, even if you never developed for Android or the Google TV but you have an idea for something that you think would look really cool on your GTV, this is the place to be. I have never attempted to develop an app, but listening at this event gave me all the info i needed to get started.

I really can not thank Les & Paul enough for the invite

Before you ask, NO they did not discuss any upcoming Google TV news.

If you are on Google+, be sure to add Les Vogel and Paul Carff to your circles.

There is also the Google TV Developers circle.

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