For those of you who use your Google TV everyday for everything and want to secure certain things from prying eyes when you’re not around, good news, there’s an app for that now. It may not of been developed specifically for the GTV but it works.

Super App Lock (App Protector) is now available for to download on all Google TV devices.

I have K-9 Email installed on my TV that is linked to all of my email accounts, now with one click of a button i can lock it so no one can open it or if i choose i can hide the app from the All Apps list.

I do not suggest using the Pattern lock screen, i found it to be buggy and i was locked out of certain apps for awhile, a simple 4 digit code should be good enough. Don’t worry about someone deleting this app when your not around, without the proper code this app can not be uninstalled.

You can customize the screen with any wallpapers you may have installed on your GTV, you can change the color of the keys, buttons and the text within the settings

I will continue to test this on all of my Google TV devices and if i find any bugs or tricks i will update it here.


You can download Super AppLock from Google Play here


Let us know what you think about this, and do you really need this type of security on a Google TV.