There’s a new VOD service available on the Google TV in the form of  what they are calling beta for right now. FlixUniverse  just showed up in Google Play, and their other app called IPWorldTV from developers Dyyno, also in beta for the time being.

Don’t get too excited, you won’t find any recent box office hits with this service, it looks like your classic b-movie collection. I searched through some of the titles and didn’t recognize one movie, i don’t watch alot of movies to begin with. here’s what they have to offer:

  • FLU-01: Movies Monthly Subscription | $7.99
  • FLU-02: Movies 6 Month Subscription | 1 month FREE | $39.99
  • FLU-03: BEST DEAL – Movies Yearly Subscription | $79.00
  • FLU-04: HD Adult Late Night Flix+Movies Monthly Subscription | $12.99
  • FLU-05: HD Adult Late Night Flix+Movies Yearly Subscription | $119.00
  • FLU-07: Your Free Movies Monthly Subscription | $0.00

I picked the free movie package for now just to see how well it streams on my Google TV, although the only thing i don’t like about these services is once i sign up, i then have to put in an activation code in order to sync my device with my account. FlixUniverse claims to have a YouTube channel but when i tried to view it i got the message that this channel was not available.

As for their other app IPWorldTV that’s in beta, it still needs some work to be optimized for the Google TV, the ad is in the way of viewing and it is somewhat laggy.


Let’s just hope the developer doesn’t give up on this, the more content that’s available on the Google TV the better.

Here are some screen shots of FlixUniverse:


You can download FlixUniverse for your Google TV here

You can download IPWorldTV for your Google TV here

You can find out more information about this service at

As always, let me know what you think and if this is something you would subscribe to.