So you have a Google TV and you want to spice it up a little to show it off to your friends or you just want it to look cool when you are just hanging around listening to music, there is a simple app that can turn on the wallpaper within a click of a button.

The app is called Current Wallpaper ,and what this does is displays the current wallpaper in a standalone app. So rather than going into the Home screen and hitting the Menu button and all the other steps required to change your wallpaper, you can just open this app and you’re done.  Sometimes it is useful to display Live wallpapers in fullscreen without conflicting elements from the launcher or app icons.

Once you have this app installed you will see the only live wallpaper installed is the Holo Spiral standard wallpaper, it’s plain and boring if you ask me. The first live wallpaper you may want to try is Hong Kong by Night and Day Free this wallpaper will change based on your location as far as sunrise and sunset.

This is nice, but i wanted more, so i side loaded Paperland Live Wallpaper just to see if it would actually work, it worked so well that i contacted the developer and you will see this available for the Google TV in the future.

This one will also change accordingly with your location and there is a Pro version available if you want to customize it. So now you want to change your wallpaper, just click on Current Wallpaper pick the one you want and that’s it, nice and simple, if you want to change them up to see the one that looks better, just hit the menu button on your remote and choose Change Wallpaper.

Here is one more for you to check out, this one is Koi Free Live Wallpaper, this one needs to be side loaded as well.


Now that you have your wallpaper set, start up your music, hit the home button click on the Current Wallpaper app and start showing off your Google TV .


There are hundreds of Live Wallpapers that will work on the Google TV, i used these 2 as they are my favorite wallpapers

This will work on all Google TV devices.

Let us know what you think.