Are you tired of searching for adult entertainment using the Chrome browser on your Google TV? Do you wish you could just find an app that has all of your entertainment needs within the click of a button, say hello to FyreTV.

2 weeks ago the folks at FyreTV delivered on bringing their app to the Google TV, now you won’t find this app in Google Play, but you can download it and install it on the GTV in seconds from their web site. It seems that this app violates the TOS over at Google, i wonder why?

Normally i will post some screen shots of the app running on one of my TV’s, but not this time kids..sorry

This is a subscription based service, but they do claim you can join for free, although i haven’t taken the time to fill out the info needed.


That’s all i can really say at this time, if you do install the app they will give you a free preview of one of the movies called Wealth & Deception.

If you want to see what all the buzz is about you can grab the apk from here.


Just in case you are worried about the wrong person seeing this app in the list of all apps, no worries, it’s labeled as Beta so no one will ever know what you are really up to.