Mad Dog Comics, an app from Germany that can run on your Google TV.  I stumbled upon it while running a search on twitter.

There are free comics, and since I love me some zombies, there was this one that was free.

Attack of the Alterna Zombies 

At first glance, it looked like Abraham Lincoln and as you can see from these screenshots below  it is.  Wanna guess who his sidekick is….ready

Jesus…yeah.  Not so bad comic.  The app itself is pretty cool. Once you purchase your comic, they are stored on the cloud. Which means you can read it on your phone, tablet, and or Google TV .  Not bad huh.  So you wonder how are you going to be able to read the fine print in the comic. Well from the screenshot you can see that each slide gets zoomed in and takes on the full screen of your TV.  I have a Sony 42″ LCD and had NO ISSUES reading this comic.  I’m a fan of it…and I’m going to take a look to see what other fun comics they have in store.

As always, please be sure to leave a comment for the developer. They need to hear from us, the people to tell them how great it is , or not…and or any bugs if you encounter any.  Without your help, the apps wouldn’t get updates.