There are a couple of new video screen saver apps for the Google TV thanks to the developers over at Moodscapes, there are two versions, a free and a full, the full version will set you back $0.99.

Features (Full Version)
– No Ads
– Video alarm to wake up to soothing waves and sound
– Timer to turn video off after certain time period
– Text that can be customized or branded for your office or home in place of Moodscapes text. Moodscapes logo can be removed as well.

– Go beyond your typical aquarium, fish tank or fireplace wallpaper or screen saver with Moodscapes

The first one here is called Still Pond HD for Google TV 

Download here

Next we have Hawaiian Waves HD 

Download here

And then there is Green Stream HD 

Download here


These apps will work on all Google TV devices, i currently have Still Pond running on the Logitech Revue