Update: You can now find TV Portal on SlideMe, if you have any issues or are looking to upgrade you can hit the link below:

TV Portal – SlideMe

I have been following the TV Portal developers updates on their Facebook page and it looks like they won’t be back on the Google Play Store for awhile.

Reason they were removed from the Play Store:

Q: Why were you removed?
A: Alleged DMCA infringement and the lack of the reporting party’s utilization of our DMCA takedown request feature.

Q: Will we be back in the Play Store?
A: Ian and I have filed an appeal stating that a mistake was made by the reporting party in that no requests were made, and we therefore had no opportunity to resolve the issue prior to removal. Our reinstatement to the Play Store is pending Google’s decision on the issue.

Where will you be able to find TV Portal?

Right now the only way to download the app is through the drop-box link below, although the developers are working on services such as Amazon App Store, Getjar and SlideMe.


Drop box link


There is another app available for the Google TV that allows you to stream TV & Movies right onto your TV, although this doesn’t use the Chrome browser like Yourtvseri.es does, this is a stand alone app and you are not re-directed to another site or web page.


TV Portal allows you to access 1000’s of popular TV Shows and Movies in an easy to use Android app. Within seconds of downloading, you will be able to stream almost any of your favorite shows. It’s really that simple.

TV Portal is free to try, but has limitations. The free version is ad-supported, and allows for 2 free TV episodes every 6 hours (there is no limit on movies, however). After a $0.99 upgrade, you can watch TV shows ad-free without limitations.

Since TV Portal is still in the introductory stages, and uses a less than stunning UI, upgrading only costs $0.99! As soon as we put some work into the UI however, that price is going to go up, so upgrade now for the special promotional cost!

I started by watching an episode of Family Guy and Married with Children, then checked out Caddyshack without any buffering issues. That’s when i got the message that i needed to upgrade and cough over $0.99, it is well worth the price if you are a cord cutter.

I must tell you that this app is not optimized for the Google TV in any way what-so-ever, but it does work once you get used to using the mouse to navigate around.


Once you find the show you want to watch, it’s gonna tell you that you need to download another player such as MX Player, but there is no need for that. I have GTVBox and ES File Explorer installed on my Logitech Revue and i was able to watch using either one of those apps, if you choose GTVBox, make sure you click on Live Stream when the option pops up.