Do you ever get tired of watching the same movies, are you tied of searching through YouTube looking for free movies to watch? Here’s an app that lists all free movies that are available to watch on your Google TV.

YTMovies (YouTube Movies) is an app that is exclusively for Google TV and this one will set you back $0.99.


Now if you are looking for new releases or top grossing box office hits, this isn’t the app for you, but you will find some classics like: Night of the Living Dead,The Kid, the original Popeye and Superman cartoons, so there is something for everyone here, you just have to look.

You can browse the movies by Genre, and Language. The listings can be sorted to watch movie only available for watching in the Google TV device.
You can select movies based on most watched, Hits of the month or recently added movies. Movie list is dynamically updated, and new movie appears as immediate as the YouTube shows. Complete social sharing built-in in the app, you can share the movies through face book, twitter and email. you can email the movie links to you using the e-mail option, so that you can watch the movies in your Computer, without searching for the link again.



The app is a little slow to respond using the remote, i tested this on the Vizio Co-Star and Logitech Revue and scrolling through the options is somewhat brutal, i found it easier to use the cursor to get where i wanted.


Let us know what you think about this app,

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Download YTMovies Pro below.

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Download YTMovies Lite below.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox