It seems our friends at Entertailion LLC  have been busy, for those of you who are familiar with Able Remote or Overlay for Google TV I think you’re going to like this new app. Open Launcher for Google TV, it basically replaces the stock launcher on any Google TV box, and the LG TV.



This isn’t your standard launcher, this one is a bit different, you can customize this any way you like. You can add and delete apps just as you would with the stock launcher, but the one big selling point here is you can now add rows. So if you want a row for your games but don’t want to see all the other apps, create a game row, and so on. This launcher includes your notifications unlike the other ones that weren’t optimized for Google TV, I don’t know about you, but I need my notifications for Google Voice, email and texting.



  • More room for organizing your favorite apps
  • Support for grouping of apps, web apps, channels and web sites
  • Quick access to recent apps
  • Supports fast D-pad navigation
  • Overlay design that displays more of live TV
  • Direct access to browser bookmarks
  • Direct access to Spotlight web apps
  • Displays current weather
  • Various customizable settings

One of the other cool features is that the weather is always just a click away, hit the Home button and you’ll see your local weather for the next few days in the top left corner, don’t want the weather up there, go into settings and turn it off. If you’re like me and use the Spotlight web apps, such as TuneIn or Crackle but got tired of going through the steps to get there, there’s now a button on the Home screen which loads the sites a lot faster.




After testing this launcher out for awhile i’m quite happy with it , let me if you plan on using the new Open Launcher on your Google TV device.

You can download Open Launcher for Google TV below

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Price: Free