This app is still in Alpha.

With this app you can send your pics to any Android device you like, phone, tablet or Google TV with no set up or pairing code to enter.

The developer Charlie Collins put this together over the holiday weekend and put the apk’s and code out there for testing.

There’s two options, you will need a Host and a Controller, the controller is going to send the pics to the host. If the Google TV is the host, you can have as many controllers as you like, same as if you have a Tablet as the host, this is a great option if you have family or friends over, a great way for everyone to share their photos.







The developer is still working on the UI and he plans on adding a slideshow feature. The only downside to this app being it’s still an alpha build is that it will not work on the Google TV if your connected via Ethernet, but the developer told us he is working on that, so stay tuned.



If you’d like to contribute anything to the app or help out you can find out more about it on github


If you’d like to try this app you can download the apk’s below.

Embiggen Controller (for your phone/tablet)

Embiggen Host (for your Google TV/tablet)


If you have any problems or question about this app leave a comment below.