Google TV Is The Future…..

Oh the excitement that is CES and all the wonderful new Google TV devices that were shown off has put the wind at the platforms back.  Blu-Ray players, set top boxes, TV’s and even game machines will all be packing the newest version of Google TV and what we all hope this means is that it will open the flood gates for development. Ask anyone who is using Google TV on a daily basis the one major chink in it’s armor is the lack of applications designed for the big screen. Sure we have come up with a ton of work-arounds to get things done for streaming media, to playing games but still, what we need is high quality Google TV specific apps.

With the many announcements of CES fresh on our minds, Google announced a new Google TV add-on compatible with Android 3.2 for the Android SDK. This is a big deal if you are considering developing for Google TV. It means  the basic tools needed to make and test high quality apps are finally more widely available as emulation is now possible, not only on Linux systems with KVM as before, but also on the Windows and Apple platform. Now we just need a hand figuring out how to transition from developing apps on more traditional platforms, to developing apps for the big screen. This brings me to the forthcoming book “Sam’s Teach Yourself Google TV Development in 24 hours”  by Carmen Delessio.  The book, that will be available February 15th 2013, promises to show you the ropes of development in you guessed it 24 hours time. Those familiar with other books in the Sams series know already, there are 24 lessons all taking an hour or less of your time. Some of the things you will find in the book include:

  •  Develop for the “10 foot user experience”
  • Build logic to drive highly interactive and responsive apps
  • Use optimized templates and layouts
  • Integrate HTML5 and jQuery
  •  Design effective user interaction, dialogs, navigation, and video sitemaps
  • Organize apps with tabs and the Action Bar
  • Use fragments to simplify development
  • Integrate SQLLite data

Needless the say the book will fast become an invaluable resource to any aspiring Google TV Developer. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. As always we will keep you posted right here as great resources for Google TV development come available. Google TV is the future of multimedia entertainment in our living room. The platform is maturing. now let’s hope the apps follow suit.

Sams Teach Yourself Google TV App Development in 24 Hours

More to come.

Marvin Ferrell El
GTV Friends Contributor