It seems we are always looking for ways to ditch the remote for our Google TV’s and find something that looks better, smaller, and faster. To date we have Able Remote, there’s the Remote for Logitech Revue, TV Sideview and Chromemote, a Chrome extension that lets you control your Google TV from your computer. These apps are great, you can customize some of them to your liking, you can even change the colors on Able Remote, but lets talk about controlling your music for this one. Music Remote at one time had to be side loaded in order to work, it was updated a few months ago to be compatible with the platform and it was updated once more which sort of made it useless on the Google TV, but it will still work if you have the old apk.

Music Remote has to be installed on both your mobile device and TV, once you set it up you can go anywhere your WiFi reaches and control your music, including switching playlists, next song and previous song.


Music Remote – This is where you’ll see the name of the device it’s running on as a server

Let’s go through the set-up, once side-loaded you want to go into the settings and click on  Enable ( Enable Music Remote Server ) now open the app on your mobile device and look for the available server.

Here you can see all of my Google TV devices

Here you can see all of my Google TV devices

Now let’s play some music, on your mobile device you’ll see that it says no music is playing, hit the play button and you’ll see the same screen show up on both devices.

Music Remote - On my Google TV

Music Remote – On my Google TV

Music Remote - On my Nexus

Music Remote – On my Nexus

Now you can control your music from the mobile device anywhere your WiFi reaches, just swipe left or right on the screen to change songs, you can change the playlist by clicking the option in the top right corner. The only option that’s not available is volume control.

Another option in Music Remote is to enable a browser interface so you can control the playback from your computer, this is great if your TV is in one room but you use a computer that’s in another room. Hit the setting menu and scroll down to Enable ( Enable generic Browser interface for non-Android devices )

Music Remote - IP adddress for your browser

Music Remote – IP address for your browser

Music Remote - Browser

Music Remote – Browser

The only thing you can do once you are in the browser is Play, Next , Last and Pause, no volume control and no Playlist options. There’s another option I have yet to try, and that’s the Share Cloud Address, you can send the Cloud Address to a friend and have them control your music from wherever they may be, I tried it by sending the address to myself, it didn’t work for me and the developer stated it may be down from time to time.

Music Remote - Cloud Address

Music Remote – Cloud Address

The other option is to turn things around, you can install Music Remote on any of your mobile devices and use that as the server, so let’s say I have an old device with 300 songs saved on it, I would make the mobile device the server and send that music to the Google TV.


I have found Music Remote crashes on my Sony NSZ-GS7 whenever I click on the settings tab.

If there’s no artwork for your song/artist it will display a picture of headphones, it’s a nice picture.

You need the apk for the Google TV, this is version 7 of Music Remote, once installed you will see a notification in the Play Store telling you it needs to be updated Do not update this app! or it will no longer work

Download Music Remote apk for Google TV

You can download Music Remote for your mobile device by clicking the link below.

Download @
Google Play

Developer: Übergrund
Price: Free