TGIF!!!! Today we will be having another Hangout On Air with Chromemote Developer Robert Dale Smith.

To attend this event, please visit our G+ Event page.  A link to the live event will be posted once it starts.  If you can not attend and have some questions you would like answered, you can either leave them below in our comments, or you can leave them in our events page.

After the Q&A, our video will be automatically uploaded to YouTube for viewing at your leisure.

If you currently use chrome and haven’t installed Chromemote, head over to the Chrome Web Store and install it.  Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Again, please visit the G+ Event page for this hangout.

About Chromemote

Chromemote is a browsers extension for Google Chrome that integrates remote control of Google TV into the web browser. Right click on any link and Fling it to your TV. Chromemote also provides full remote control interface that can be accessed from a popup window. You can also pin this window to a tab within your browser. With Chromemote you can use your laptops keyboard and touchpad to control your TV. No more need to reach for a remote when you are surfing the internet on your laptop and watching TV at the same time.

Chromemote is available in the Chrome Web Store and can be downloaded directly to Chrome web browsers by clicking the install button at the top of every page on this web site. (source Chromemote)

Ways to connect with Chromemote