When i purchased my first Google TV ( Logitech Revue ) back in late 2011 one of the first apps i installed was News360 for TVs, this was the first time i was able to look at the news as it moved around on my screen allowing me to choose what i wanted to read based on a photo. I have never seen this before and it was something i told everyone about, news in a 360 view on your TV screen. Like all great things seem to fade away after a certain period of time, News360 did the same, they have forgotten about us. They haven’t updated the Google TV app since Oct.25, 2011, the Android app was just updated Feb 21,2013, it makes no sense to me.


There are still some features that will work if you install News360, as long as you don’t mind signing in with a Facebook account,i tried signing in with Twitter and i get an error message, but on the Android version you can sign in with twitter, Facebook, Google or Email.



News360 Description:

News360 for Google TV aggregates more than 10000 different news sources around the web to bring you news stories in a concise and useful stream. The semantic analysis technology behind News360 allows you to get background information and dossiers about all the companies, people and locations that make the news, and to personalize the news based on your specific interests.

News360 can learn from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Evernote & Google Reader accounts to automatically create an interest graph that you can use to get the stories that are most relevant to you from the best sources around the web, that you would have never seen otherwise, and cut down on the clutter and noise that you used to have to filter out yourself.





As you can see in the pic, the main feature of this app has been broken for quite some time now, nothing shows in the 360 view.


I recently reached out to News360 on Twitter to ask when they plan on updating the TV version of their app, here’s their response”

When can we get an update for the #GoogleTV app? It hasn’t been updated since 2011

Not for a while, I’m afraid. The Google TV version is in need of a huge overhaul, and it’s not the highest priority right now.

If you have used this app and would like to reach out to the developer, please email them at info@news360.com and let them know you want an update for the GTV version.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox