With today’s technology there’s a few ways we get our news on the Google TV, RSS feeds, pod casts, the dreaded Chrome browser and there’s a few news apps available that only show you certain clips, but as times change so does the news. Image you wake up, turn on your Google TV and have your favorite celebrity reading the news to you, don’t want that certain someone reading your news, no problem, you can select from a variety of different news anchors, you’ll also be able to change the background and choose where the news comes from.

The goal here is to stop staring at your screen trying to read the news, let someone else do it for you while you go about your morning routine, or at the end of the day, kick back on your couch, relax and listen to the news, it’s the same thing as watching the local news on the TV, except you decide what you want to hear.

Here’s a list of some of the news sites you’ll be able to link to once this becomes available:

  • Gizmodo
  • Facebook
  • Google Reader
  • Twitter
  • Linkdin
  • Cnet
  • Mashable

And i’m sure they’ll add more sites as time goes on. Let’s say you just added Engadget to the list of news sources, each article is going to be an episode,so no more scrolling through the pages, that’s become a thing of the past. You’ll also be able to preview each episode while you continue to watch the latest news.


Guide is going to be available on your tablets, iPad and Google TV, if your device isn’t listed don’t worry, you’ll be able to access Guide from the browser on your computer. There’s been no word as to when this is going to be available but you can head over to their web-site and sign up for early access and get in on the beta. If you’re looking for specific info, click on the support tab and check out some of the top asked questions, it’ll give you an idea of what’s coming.