When I originally posted this back on Feb 2, it was just a video with the 9×9 & YouTube developers explaining the upcoming features of the app. They just updated it today and it’s now available for download on your Google TV.


When you first open the app you’ll see the curated content for the time of day, as in the photo above you can see the Daytime Mix, this is a collection of videos that you would want to see in the afternoon as apposed to first thing in the morning or at night when you’re trying to relax.

With 9×9 app, there is always something good to watch on your Google TV any time of the day. Tune in at any time for a personalized bite-sized selection of channels with content that informs and entertains. For example, the “Morning Shows” time slot provides a channel line-up consisting of breaking news and morning talk show channels.



After you’ve finished watching all of the pre-selected videos you can sign into your YouTube account and see all of the channels you subscribe to. You can navigate between videos and channels by using the left or right on the d-pad of the remote.




The developers at 9×9.tv are working on bringing their app to the big screen. In this video with the YouTube Developers you can find out what they are working on and the purpose behind the app.

For now you can check out 9×9 on your Google TV or mobile device by clicking the link below.

Download @
Google Play

Developer: FLIPr.tv
Price: Free