Looking for a way to share music with your friends, want to see what they’re listening to and chat about it at the same time, within the same application, with Soundtracker you can do all of that.

Soundtracker is a free music service that blends Internet radio, social networking and location-awareness.

  • Listen to more than 22 million songs
  • Create and share personal radio stations
  • Play music with your friends in real time
  • Find music playing near you
  • Connect with your friends through a built-in chat feature


Once installed you have the option of using your Facebook, Twitter or Soundtracker profile to log in (I spoke with the developer and they plan on adding the new Google+ sign in very soon). The nice thing about this is you can install it on your phone and tablet, which you can take with you your stations wherever you go.


Now let’s breakdown down the different features here:

My Stations:

This is where you can  create as many personalized stations you want, just type in any artists name and you’ll see everything that matches that artist, then you have the option to show your location. For instance, I searched for Rainbow, I got eight results. I picked the one I wanted and then I have the choice to let others in my area know that I’m listening to the particular artist and I can share that info on my social networks.

Trending Stations:

There’s more music here then you’ll be able to listen to in a month. I tried to scroll through them but there were too many to choose from. This would be great if you have friends over and each person has their own taste in music.

Nearby Stations:

This is where you find out who’s listening to what in your neighborhood. I didn’t have to enter any info and the app pulled up my location and showed me 20 nearby stations.  It was off by a few blocks, but I could still see my street on the map.

Friends Stations:

This is where you have to get your friends involved and have them share their stations so you can listen to their channels when you want. The app will also suggest friends based on your music selections and I haven’t been spammed once with any of their suggestions yet, so it’s nothing to worry about.


If there’s any announcements about the app or certain music, you’ll get a message. I’ve only seen 1 message from the developer where he was recommending a station.


Soundtracker has some other features built-in, you’ll be able to check out the lyrics of 6 million songs powered by MusixMatch.com with more being added on a regular basis. You’ll also be able to see your favorite bands gigs provided by SongKick.com




So for the good part of the day I have been comparing Soundtracker to Pandora, and i gotta say that I heard more of a selection on Soundtracker. One of my favorite artists is Steely Dan. On Pandora, I would hear a couple of Steely songs and then the same songs I hear on the radio everyday.  But on Soundtracker, I would hear Steely, solo Donald Fagan, Michael McDonald.  The same thing with Rush. I’d hear a Rush song then it went right into a song by Geddy Lee, no top ten overplayed songs here. The same rules apply with Soundtracker as the other radio apps, you can only skip so many songs before you get that pop-up saying there’s a limit, there’s no ads, no emails asking you to go with the Pro version for more of a mix. You can listen to Soundtracker anywhere you are, Google TV, tab, phone, and the browser.

Now that Pandora has announced they plan to limit mobile users to 40 hours of free streaming per month, it’s a good time to try Soundtracker Radio.

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Developer: Kiver Digital
Price: Free

About Soundtracker

Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/soundtracker
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Read their blog (Tumblr) http://blog.soundtracker.fm/

Soundtracker’s vision is to be world’s most popular music service and to build a place where people can come to discover and share greatest songs.  (source Facebook)

General Information
Soundtracker is a free music service that blends Internet radio,  social networking and location-awareness (source Facebook)