Looking for a simple Launcher for your Google TV? Fast App Search Tool is about as simple as they get. This Launcher will display everything in one screen, no need to hit Home>All Apps anymore.


Transparent View of App

Transparent View of App


The great thing about this app is you can see your Wallpaper or Live Wallpaper in the background when you open it.

There are three themes to choose from:

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Transparent ( use this with your Live Wallpaper shown above)

When you click on an app you get four different option:

  • Application Details ( takes you into the app settings )
  • Open the app as a Notification ( this will put the app in the Notification tray on the stock Home Launcher )
  • Open the app in the Play Store
  • And Share ( you can share the app via drop-box, Twitter or any other app that you can share with )




Download @
Google Play

Developer: ligi
Price: Free

Circle them on Google+ gplus.to/FastAPPSearch

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