As i enjoy most of the games that i can play on my Google TV it’s always nice to see something different. Think back for a moment about the classic arcade game Galaga, we all loved shooting the aliens as the dropped down on us, but we could only move left or right which didn’t give us much hope. AirForce brings you into the present, shooting everything from helicopters to jet fighters and aircraft carriers, and the occasional tank.



The game is played by using your mobile device, the controls are simple, maneuver the plane by dragging it around on your screen and firing by tapping the screen, how easy is that? If you find yourself outnumbered and don’t think you’re gonna make it, rock your device back and forth and watch your enemies go down.



You have a choice of two fighter planes, red or blue. I went with the red fighter plane only because if it’s weapons. You can also have one of your buddies join the game if they have the app installed on their mobile device.







This is a huge step in the right direction for Google TV games, let’s hope we see more developers jump on board. If you enjoy playing this game please leave a review in the Play Store, if you have any issues with device compatibility email the developer.

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Price: Free

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Price: $1.87