MythTV Frontend For GoogleTV brings the open source PVR MythTV to your living room via your Google TV device.

Until now, people using MythTV always had to have a computer attached to their TV to enjoy their PVR.

Building a small form factor purpose built silent MythTV client computer can become a decently expensive proposition; your average mini-itx motherboard capable of playing recordings and videos via hardware acceleration is around $100 – $120 then you have to add a power supply, case, remote…

With Google TV devices starting under $100 (such as the hisense pulse) everything is there for you to enjoy your PVR, no need to setup special hardware just get the MythTV Frontend For Google TV application, point it to you MythTV server and enjoy your shows.



As of this writing, version 1.1.0 is the latest version of the application, it is compatible with MythTV 0.26.

The application can play recordings and videos (located in your MythTV video storage group).

The application can only playback video and audio tracks using codecs supported by your device; devices such has the Logitech Revue do not support MPEG2, the vizio co-star doesn’t support AC3 so this can be problematic for people recording via ATSC / QAM tuners (MPEG2 video + AC3 Audio); to work around this problem you can set the application to request the server to transcode the videos via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), this however requires a server powerful enough to provide this functionality in real-time..

The application supports third party video players you may have installed on your Google TV device.

The internal player provides a resume capability, if you partially watched a video on a given device and stop the playback, next time you play that video on that device you will be asked if your want tor resume your playback or start the video from the beginning.

The application downloads the artwork from your MythTV server so the look and feel will be the same if you happen to have multiple Google TV device throughout your house.

The application exposes itself as a search provider, you can search your recordings and videos from within the application via the search tab or if you set it as one of your search providers via the Quick Search Bar from your Google TV device.




The next major version of the application will allow you to setup, modify recording schedules directly from the application itself.



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Developer: Tikinou LLC
Price: $4.99