Look what has shown up at the Sony Store.  The Voice Remote for Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV.  This remote will work for your NSZ-GS7 users out there.  You can get this lovely addition for $49.99.  Any orders over $25, you get free ground shipping.  And if you are part of the Sony Rewards Points, you can get 250 points for it.

Here are some details and specs from Sony’s site regarding the new remote.

  • Voice Search: Simply speak to watch anything
    Instantly access the power of the Internet Player, simply by using your voice with the remote’s built-in microphone.
  • Dedicated buttons for everything you need
    he remote’s double-sided keyboard has a button for everything so you can easily turn up the volume, record a TV program, or even go to your home-page in a snap.
  • Eliminate the need for extra remotes
    The remote not only gives you control of your Internet Player but also an array of devices including: cable and satellite set-top-boxes, audio devices, TV, Blu-ray, and DVD players.
  • Multi-directional touchpad for easy navigation
    The multi-directional touchpad allows you to navigate and interact with web pages just like you do on your computer. It’s also perfect for gaming with its 3-axis motion technology enabling truly intuitive game play through the motion sensing technology.
  • Interact with the Remote even with the lights off
    Remote’s backlit QWERTY keyboard, it’s easy to view the keys and type in low-light conditions.
  • Finally, a smart remote
    the remote knows what side is facing up and disables the back-side keys to disregard any keys that are accidentally pressed.

So, what are you waiting for…head over to the Sony Store and get your remote.  Come back here and let us know your experience with it.  Good luck and have fun!