I was looking forward to using the new Voice Search app now that my Sony got updated yesterday, i really didn’t have the $50 to shell out for the new remote that Sony offers so i went searching through my closet of devices to see what¬†Blue-tooth¬†devices i had that could possibly work with my Google TV. The first thing that i found was the earpiece from my ever trusty PS3, i went into the settings, turned on discovery mode and it paired with the Sony almost like someone at Sony thought about it and made it happen.


The first thing i noticed was the Voice Search app wasn’t included in the update, you must install it from the Play Store. As soon as you open the app it’s gonna walk you through the tutorial, so make sure you have your BT device paired before you begin or you’ll end up throwing things like i did and complaining the feature doesn’t work.





What i really like about the earpiece i’m using is i don’t have to sit there with it stuck to my head, it picks up my voice as long as i have it sitting next to me on the couch or table. It’s gonna take some getting used to so be patient, it’s going to show you what to ask for when you see the mic show up on the screen, and it’s gonna let you know when it doesn’t recognize what you’re saying. The other thing i noticed was how it searched for certain things depends on how you say it while speaking, if you ask “What’s the weather like” it’s going to show you results from YouTube, TV & Movies and Google but if you ask for “Google Weather” it’s going to open the weather card in the Chrome browser just as if you were searching on your computer.



This is a work in progress, it’s going to take some time to figure out the proper voice commands to open apps, i do know that if you say “Open Pandora” it’s gonna open the Pandora app and start playing music, if you say “Open Amazon Instant Video” it’s going to show you search results ranging from apps to YouTube, so for Amazon, you must say Amazon Video.


Bottom line here, take your time and learn the proper voice commands for what you want to search for, once you get the hang of it you’ll be talking to yourself in front of your Google TV while people in the other room are asking you if you’re talking to them :) and make sure you go into the settings and put a check in the Personalized recognition box so it learns the more you use it.






The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox