There’s only a couple of apps available in the Play Store that can actually lock your Google TV but LockerBot is a little bit different. With this app you can set time limits or certain hours of the day that other people can access anything on your Google TV.

This is the perfect app other people can use your Google TV while you’re not at home, this way once you lock it they won’t be able to access the Play Store to purchase unwanted apps, they won’t be able to use the Chrome browser just in case you have your passwords saved for logging into certain web sites.






LockerBot is the first parental control app that uses physical activity to unlock features within Android Apps.
Parents and children agree on how many steps (points) need to be achieved each day in order to unlock their Android Phone or features within the phone. Parents then enter these goals on the app and select which features within the phone they want to unlock. For example, for texting a parent can first select the times the child can use their texting feature (e.g., 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM). Then they can select how many points it takes to unlock the use of the texting feature. LockerBot allows you to restrict/allow all features of the Google TV. A day part and activity level can be set for each of these features. All of the locking features can be applied together or used separately.

We all know you can’t text from the Google TV but the same rules apply to every app.

If you only want your child watching 2 hours of Netflix or Youtube, you can set those hours of the day and they would need your password if they wanted to watch longer.







The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox