Display a cinematic slideshow of your Instagram feed on your Google TV. Create your own photo frame using Instagram photos or showcase tagged photos for your organization, event, or party.

Choose to display:

– My Photos
– News Feed
– Tagged Photos (i.e. #nofilter)

Instaslide requires an Instagram account.






Now that i got that out of the way, let me rant here for a moment. I think it’s great when developers decide to include the Google TV platform when they publish their app, but i just wish they would test it or find someone to test the app for them. It took me 45 minutes just to figure out how to log in with my username and password. I installed this on the Sony GTV, when you have to link your account there is no dpad support, using the OK button just takes you to some other place, half of the time. So i finally figured it out after screaming at the TV for awhile, when you go to log-in you must use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate, and it’s a little buggy so take your time. Once you see the login button highlighted you would think you could just hit the enter button, but this is where you have to use the OK button on the other side of the remote, it’s very frustrating and i wish you the best of luck.

Once you figure out how to login the app looks great, i myself don’t use Instagram so i had to upload a few pics from my phone and they look great on my Google TV.

Download @
Google Play

Developer: Code for Travel
Price: $0.99